Any content that the developers create may be duplicated using community tools. NFTs and their associated data are stored in decentralized storage. If players want to create their own clients or mods for the game all NFT assets should be portable to those clients.

The game environment is composed of standalone maps with distinctive themes. Characters engage in strategic combat on these maps. References to the assets for these maps are stored as index sets on Cardano. These are not necessarily immutable. Maps can be loaded locally as well, but this sort of deployment does not enjoy the benefits of decentralization.

The single player mode is not decentralized at all. It uses an authoritative server model:

  • The authoritative server is used to record progress in a secure manner.
  • Players can earn NFTs by playing campaigns. These NFTs are minted apriori to be distributed from the developer’s centralized authority. These are necessarily paid for at the developer’s discretion. Notice that the developers cannot print infinitely many NFTs for this purpose. Their own minters have a positive price offset with respect to the amount minted.
  • Players do not necessarily have to use their own NFTs during campaigns. Players initially play campaigns using NFTs from the story, which they do not own. Players cannot use non-owned NFTs from one campaign in another. Once a player completes a campaign they can play it using their owned NFTs.