We present a high-level overview of Occulta Novellia.

Draculi Render Pre-alpha footage showing Draculi model

Draculi on Hex Board Pre-alpha footage showing Draculi selected to move or attack nearby hex tiles.

The game takes place on a hex board, with maps that are not procedurally generated. The graphics depict these environments in full 3D.

Dialogue sequences are presented as text with animated character sprites, similar to RPGs such as Fire Emblem.

Multiplayer Battlegrounds

  • Prepare your team of tradable characters and get ready for a fierce fight on the battlegrounds against other players!
  • Fight for glory in small or large battles ranging in size of up to 60+ characters at once!
  • Weak alone, legendary together! Create a team of multiple squads, comprised of characters with different and adaptive play-styles for dynamic battles.


  • Play smart to crush your opponents!
  • Individual play-styles are highly punishable by coherent squads. That’s why teamwork is key!
  • Squads function on shared time, not everyone can do everything!
  • Watch your characters progress in battles! Use story cards to hone or pivot your characters’ play-style according to skills and events happening in the Occulta Novellia story-lines.
  • Character or battleground specific environmental effects have an important impact on winning!
  • Battle occurs on hex tiles connected through interesting locations in Regalia. Placement and formations are critical!
  • Keep it simple! Characters have sane value ranges in the low integers!
  • Matches occur across multiple rounds. Make no sacrifices! Characters suffer permadeath, but survivors recover in-between rounds. Your NFTs are never lost, this only applies to the scope of individual matches or campaigns.
  • Retreat! Don’t forfeit all your characters in a tilted battle, withdraw to survive the next round!
  • Characters sets are released periodically, adding new mechanics or breathing life into old ones!