The Garden of Residues is the surreal manifestation of the set of all creative ideas bleeding into Aphantasia. The Brink Gate leads to it from the Atrium of Forms. The concept of sensation is fractured. Its inhabitants tell travelers to try not to hear the colors or taste the sounds because they will succeed and not return.

The garden emanates a feeling, like a tint to reality, giving strength to those things with an affinity for madness. The inhabitants are afflicted with a kind of directed psychosis, ideas flowing in identifiable currents like wind, perfectly awake, but perhaps not the smartest. It is dim in lighting, but full of vibrant colors, laced with vines and flowers. A path built of a stone material seems immune to the overgrowth: the flora will not touch it or grow through it. Immaculate, like a freshly paved sidewalk, it carves a path to someplace deep within Aphantasia.

A few holes exist around the walkway: shallow ponds. In their depths are huge things that cast black, dot-like shadows. Some smaller snakes swim near the surface, but attempts to dive reveal that the water has an impenetrable, glass-like floor just a few feet deep. It’s too shallow to swim along the bottom without drowning, as the different openings do not connect.

The sparse inhabitants of the garden embody a drowsy head-space. They are relatively docile as a whole, unless aggravated. The selection of creatures is intended to provide some variety, especially in having at least one type per terrain format: water, land, flying. This provides a basis for testing some game mechanics.