A dashboard is provided to ease access to dApps registered on the DAO. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms as a desktop application.

The licensing schemes below and elsewhere are not official and are subject to change. They do not constitute any permissions.

Due to the potential for IP theft, the Novellia Dashboard is initially closed-source, but with strong potential for becoming open-sourced at a later time. This methodology must change if it becomes incompatible with community needs. We intend to develop in as much of a trustless manner as possible, by exposing critical software as open-source plugins whereby the Novellia Dashboard acts mostly like a linker.

Closed Source Software

  • Novellia Dashboard
    • Wallet Interface specifically for viewing supported NFTs
    • Community Voting / Interface for interacting with DAO
    • Multiverse, dApp Sorting and Analytics (our equivalent of a blockchain explorer)
    • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
      • Novellia (NVLA) / ADA trading pair and ICO
      • NFTs
      • Try before you buy (DEX plugins for NFTs)

Open Source Software

  • Smart Contracts
  • Novellia Dashboard Plugins
  • Community Tooling / SDKs

These deliverables are only for our first set of features within the Novellia Dashboard.

Monetization is through

  • Content developed by Rektangular Studios and sold through the Novellia Dashboard (NFTs, game content, etc.)
  • Retaining a fraction of Novellia (NVLA) disbursed through an ICO
  • A very low commission on the decentralized exchange (about 0.2%)
    • This is removable for those who are willing to recompile the relevant open-source code. It is fair since Rektangular Studios must provide continuing support for the Novellia Dashboard.

Dashboard plugins are sorted based on analytics generated from metrics such as user count, voting turnout, and duration of existence. This algorithm is customizable and implemented as an open source plugin.