Map of Regalia Map of Regalia

The Regalia pangaea is divided into two distinct hemispheres. The lower hemisphere Aphantasia is cursed and uninhabitable, reaching temperatures as low as -1000C. The upper hemisphere is rich of life, inhabited by two competing kingdoms: Grevania and Phanamis.

Remnants of a mythological society litter Regalia, but they’ve all but vanished. Many of the structures make little architectural sense, and are impossible to traverse or enter. These ruins are concentrated at the equator of Regalia, forming a belt called the Brink. Which can be travelled only to a degree, as the temperatures becomes too cold during the approach of Aphantasia.

The Atrium of Forms is a well-known ruin, which brings out latent talent in Regalians who can be trained to operate. Regalians who can operate are called talented. Typically, this is restricted to weaker physical effects and has serious neurological implications on operators.

Those descended from Grevania may have talent, while the people of Phanamis instead rely on advanced engineering.

Some say that the Brink resembles a wall, as if a massive battle occurred long ago.

After an event at the Atrium of Forms, a girl has become possessed by a mysterious entity: Ten Thousand Guns. Time will tell what its true intentions are. She has disappeared through a mural in the atrium, leaving to a place rumored to resemble a massive garden. This should be impossible, as the mural leads directly to the wasteland Aphantasia.