Our customer base is a young, educated, and tech savvy demographic. They have an average age of 34, with the 18 - 35 year olds being the most active. The largest markets in the gaming industry are China, US, and Japan which are all accessible with our product. Again, the ICO is unavailable to US residents.

Summary and Key Stats

  • China, US and Japan leaders in spending on gaming.
  • Estimated 3.1 billion people consuming video games.
  • Over 85 percent of gaming revenue comes from free to play games.
  • 48% of gaming is on mobile, 28% on console, 23% PC.
  • 200 Billion industry by 2023.
  • 720 million gamers.
  • 97% of people age 18-24 are gamers, 90% of people 25-35.
  • 76% of gamers live in tier 3-5 cities (smaller cities).
  • Gamers prefer SMS payment systems.
  • 654 million mobile gamers.
  • Android captures 73% of mobile gaming.
  • 312 million PC gamers, 80 million spending money on games.
  • Foreign games accounted for 60% of gaming revenue.

Refer to our marketing materials for elaboration. These do not represent facts, but our own analysis.

To maximize the potential of these demographics, the developers are investigating ways to onboard gamers who do not own cryptocurrencies.