Token Distribution Token Distribution

The Novellia (NVLA) governance token is used to approve DAO actions such as adding and removing registrations. It is also the currency used to purchase Occulta Novellia in-game assets.

It has a 10 billion maximum supply. It is divisible to 6 decimal places like ADA.

Token Distribution

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO): 45% to be sold at a fixed rate using an NVLA/ADA pair. This is not available to US residents.
  • Staking: 10% to be given to token holders as staking rewards, incentivizing holding the token. It follows a decaying emission, such that it does not deplete, but limits to 0. The APY is undetermined, and is a dependent variable.
  • Project Funding: 10% to be donated to proposals that want to build on the Novellia platform.
  • Airdrops: 2% to be airdropped to our supporters, such as stake pool delegators and early testers.
  • Rektangular Studios: 33% is the developer’s equity to incentivize the continued growth of the Novellia ecosystem. Small quantities are released into circulation to facilitate directed venture funding. This equity is mostly held. The 33% value is enough to have a significant voting power for steering the DAO while still maintaining a minority.