Iscara the Ten Thousand Guns Iscara the Ten Thousand Guns

The youngest of her friends, and also the only girl amongst them. Jackson used to bully her, but Thomas invited her to play tag with them on multiple occasions. Eventually, she became part of the group.

Having protected her friends from the choice of conscription or execution, she has a reputation of knowing how to dish out some serious firepower.

She often feels the need to scream, and shouts airlessly into the shivering Aphantasian airs.

Maybe Ten Thousand Guns saw something in her, maybe that’s why it hasn’t killed her yet.

She’s lying if she says she can control it. It owns her. –Jackson the Brainless


Iscara the Ten Thousand Guns

Rumors say the leader of the Operator’s Guild is possessed by a demonic entity that lets her morph into monsters and spit in the face of death itself. The Grevans refuse to acknowledge her humanity, referring to her as Ten Thousand Guns. They hide their children at dawn, hoping that the pretty woman, usually seen in a dress, won’t take them.