The team at Rektangular Studios is highly motivated. If you ask them, they’re totally not addicted to their current project.

Together, they’ve got a combined 20+ years of software development, including areas of expertise such as

  • machine learning
  • full-stack
  • blockchain
  • networking
  • game development

Eyes set to the highest heights, prepare for the Novellia platform: more than just a marketplace for the creation of gaming ecosystems on Cardano. Ready to churn out the darkest, most creative strategy game to kickstart the platform, Occulta Novellia is going to scare everyone. Except investors of course.

Hailing internationally, the team is what’s left of a previous project that didn’t achieve liftoff because of creative differences. The remainder is an alarmingly strong focus and creative cohesion right from the start. We literally can’t stop having fun. Laughter will propel the project from start to finish!

Meet the team!


Draculi Concept 14

  • Product Manager
  • Website
  • Marketing


Draculi Concept 8

  • Developer
  • Game design
  • UI/UX


Draculi Concept 4

  • Developer
  • Business
  • Legal


Draculi Concept 13

  • Developer
  • Infrastructure
  • Specialized in machine learning
  • Writer

This Draculi variant was too hilarious not to show!

Draculi Concept 7