Am I locked in if I decide to use Novellia?

No. You select what features are beneficial for your product.

Is this a proposal for a platform or a game?


We are building the video game Occulta Novellia in order to help test the systems needed to build the Novellia Platform.

What is the Novellia Platform?

The platform is a set of tools designed for video games to interact with the Cardano blockchain. The Novellia Dashboard acts as a decentralized game store. The tools provided allow developers to pick and choose blockchain features to use in their video game.

These tools, while optional, provide a formally reviewed standard that ensures certain design provision are met, including that assets within Novellia are hard to devalue by design.

Our process:

  1. Plan
  2. Review
  3. Rework
  4. Follow-up
  5. Keep iterating

If it isn’t finished, it isn’t shipped.

What is Occulta Novellia?

It’s a surreal horror turn-based strategy monster fighting game. You will be able to fight through single player story lines, giving you a better understanding of the multiverse, or fight in decentralized peer-to-peer battles, with rewards going to the victor.

I don’t get it? Why do we need the Occulta Novellia video game?

Because designing a platform is hard.

It’s more difficult when there’s nothing to test against. We could wait until it’s finished, but then it’d be too late. Occulta Novellia efficiently forces us to ensure the platform conforms to real-life scenarios, not an ideal.

What is Novellia if it’s not just a dashboard?

The Novellia platform exposes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where holders of the Novellia (NVLA) token vote to determine what’s allowed into the Novellia Dashboard.

The dashboard is just a UI that surfaces everything that’s been registered on the DAO, allowing it to be interacted with all in one place.

How do I get my game on Novellia?

Registration on the DAO involves:

  1. Filling out a middleware that is proposed to the DAO.
  2. If the proposal passes, the middleware is registered.
  3. This is the developer’s “personal space” on the DAO.
    • They are free to modify the data within some reasonable restrictions.

That’s it.

So I’m going to make $0 off my game because people will buy used only?

If you want to.

Otherwise, you could create multiple game license kinds. Perhaps there’s a 10% chance that a buyer will get a special game license unlocking an extra skin, level, or something else.

How do I make blockchain assets for my game?

We provide minter standards for:

  • Native Tokens
  • NFTs
  • Semi-fungible Tokens

These can be modified at will. The value is in the design behind the standard. When your team is ready to mint assets, they don’t need to do any research.

By following our standard, assets can be included in the Novellia Marketplace, provided in the Novellia Dashboard. This happens automatically.

How do I see my blockchain assets?

The Novellia Dashboard exposes a read-only wallet interface which allows highly unique tokens such as NFTs to be displayed without a loss of information.

For NFTs like trading cards, information such as artwork, skills, gameplay, won’t appear in any typical wallet. Our interface is extensible with plugins so anyone can get a first-class view of their holdings.

Can I trade within the Novellia platform?


The Novellia Dashboard contains a decentralized marketplace that allows users to purchase new assets from conformant minting contracts, or trade those same assets on a resale market.

Is this totally decentralized and non-custodial?


All data required for the dashboard’s functioning is enumerated from the Cardano blockchain.

We are non-custodial. Connect your wallet using a plugin similar to MetaMask.

Hardware Wallet / Software Wallet → Integration Layer → Accessed safely by game

Why do we need a DAO? Why do projects need to voted on?

The DAO helps filter out low quality content (buggy, inappropriate, scams) without requiring a centralized authority. This means that content cannot be censored.

What game engines are supported?

We’ll begin by implementing an engine agnostic set of tools, followed by specific integrations for whatever is most in demand.

Why do I want my game to be on Novellia?

We provide a low-fee ecosystem to help you hit the ground running.

  • Marketplace
    • Very low fees. Avoid those +20% app store fees!
    • Earn commissions on resale markets for blockchain assets.
  • Open source software (for critical plugins. the dashboard will begin as closed-source)
    • Fix it yourself if you need it now.
    • Read the code and you can know there’s no backdoors.
  • Decentralization
    • Your game can’t be censored for being too scary or for arbitrary political reasons.
  • Identity
    • Users know they aren’t buying copy-cat blockchain assets because they’re purchasable directly within Novellia.

Are we a scam?

No. This is a scam Useless Ethereum Token.